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Engaging the Cleveland Community

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Taking Action to Improve Our Community

Already more than 60 organizations have caught the vision. From education, arts and culture, business, policy and social services, these partners know the significance of the Stokes story and are prepared to reflect on the city's future. Twelve months of celebration, focused dialogue and deliberate effort will engage a wide spectrum of issues.

2017 events and activities include:

Oral History Project - Those who worked alongside Mayor and Congressman Stokes will record their first-hand experiences for today and tomorrow

Youth Summit - Broad engagement by the next generation of Cleveland will invigorate the Stokes legacy and consider their own leadership in the growth to come

Music and Theatre - Concerts and performances will transport audiences of all ages to the struggles and victories of the past and challenge them to continue the spirit of progress

Academic Conference - Students and faculty will consider the lessons of the policies and actions of the Stokes brothers to teach and inspire future generations

Panel Discussion/Speaker Series - Scholars, political and community leaders, authors and visionaries will explore the influence of Mayor and Congressman Stokes on government, society, the environment and more, and discuss the implications for the future

Entrepreneurial Conference - Both established and up-and-coming business leaders will work together to identify challenges and new opportunities for the economic development of our city

New Permanent Exhibit - An exhibit at Western Reserve Historical Society/Cleveland History Center, opening fall 2017, will place the historic 1967 election in context of the broader history of Cleveland, the civil rights movement and African-American political power in a dynamic multi-media format

Policy and Leadership - Engage in collaborative research and dialogue with key partners to assess progress toward the Stokes vision and highlight priorities for continued growth, promoting the development of young and emerging leaders for the benefit of the entire community

Culminating Celebration - Join a tribute to the power of community collaboration to effect change in our city, our nation and our world